Saturday, May 25, 2013

Urban Candy Group Project

Stuff from my final 3D group project: Urban Candy.  We worked in teams of 4 to create a basic game level environment with characters and buildings.  I was lucky to work with the talented Andre Wee (who did the final world design to help unify the look), Stacy Lee (who worked on characters), and Zoe Bae, who worked on the environment objects (and building the second version of the game world) with me.  Please excuse the poor lighting in some of these - I'm still working on that haha.  We also didn't get to use the pro version of Unity so there are also no cast shadows in this world.

Screenshots of the color version of the world that I organized:

And some shots of the things that I textured: 

These are the things I modeled + textured:

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