Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back from Ottawa

Ottawa was such an amazing experience!  The people, the screenings, the lectures...not to mention getting closer to my fellow classmates.  It was all worth it, but now I have to catch up with all my homework!

Here are some sketches I did for my editorial class with Chris Buzelli.  We had to do an illustration based on an article we read on the sugar industry.  The class ended up picking my Eve concept (with a few suggestions on changes).

Based on the article's title: "Sweet Little Lies"  The snake head is a bit wonky...

Another one for "Sweet Little Lies"

Based on a statistic in the article that the average America eats 75 lbs (!) of sugar per year

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to the International Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada tomorrow.  I'm very excited to find new artists that inspire me!

A quick doodle of my parents and I before I go:

The Golden Nougat

A fun assignment where we got to illustrate another classmate's short story - mine was about a girl finally finding the name of these delicious chocolates her dad bought from Denmark when she was just a child.

Early thumbs:

Exploration + Alice in chocolate land concept

Denmark looks a lot like a snooty man eating chocolate....

I went with this idea:

Color studies:


"Golden Nougat"

Tarzana and John

The most challenging one so far, I had to do a couple plant and flora studies.  I ended up having about 9 colors in the end.

Page 1 of plant studies:

Some quick, intial thumbs:

(I wanted Tarzana to be a large, robust woman carrying a small and dainty John)

 Eventually settled on a composition shaped like so:

After thumbs I do a clean sketch version:

Followed by by a color test/study using tracing paper:

Steps not shown in my tedious routine include a bigger, finalized sketch which I ink; the 9 stencils I have to make for exposure; and of course the actual printing itself.  

"Tarzana and John"

Sleeping Beauty

Coming up with the composition for "Sleeping Beauty" was really fun and is partially inspired by Gustave Dore's Sleeping Beauty.  I enjoyed looking up some old medieval costumes.  

"Sleeping Beauty"

Gender Reversed Fairy Tales: Rapunzel

For the silkscreen final I started a series of gender-reversed fairy tales to poke fun of the inactive roles of the heroines and their stereotypes.  I am really excited by this project and am continuing it this semester (fall 2012).

Some process scans for "Rapunzel."  It took me a while to think up a egg-shaped composition and I went through so many thumbnails...but the color study was relatively easy to do.

And the finished product!



I took a silkscreen class last wintersession (2012)  and totally fell in love with the medium.  Here is one of my first prints.

Watercolor Final

For my watercolor and gouache class I got to experiment a bit.  As a result I made two landscapes that I am very happy with.  They are sort of an extension of the work I did in Italy with my professor Fred Lynch but just pushed even further.