Saturday, February 23, 2013


For our final assignment in the woodblock class we were given the theme of "outside." I explored my childhood fantasies of space and how our universe was contained in someone's science project.  I thought about universes within universes, and now I've learned that many physicists also entertain the idea of multiple dimensions which we can't perceive.  I think it's so interesting how science today sounds so much like yesterday's science fiction.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Woodblock Prints

I'm taking woodblock print this winter session, and it has been a very fun and labor intensive medium!  I'm sure my arms will appreciate the exercise haha.  We carved on basswood so small pieces would chip pretty easily.

Here's a relatively successful five color print!  It is rather self indulgent (not much concept), but I have wanted to use this fairy character for a while in my pieces.  Sometimes it's nice to just do something cute and fun.

Absolut Chen

A chance to do an Absolut ad featuring myself!  I had fun with this assignment, especially after seeing Eyvind Earle's amazing paintings.

Initial Sketches:

Final Sketch:

Final Piece:

I'll most likely go back in and fix the colors of the bushes on the bottom.  I'm not really liking how brown they are..