Saturday, March 23, 2013

More 3D Stuff...Modular Architecture!

Here are some shots of my second 3D assignment - to make modular architecture and to import it into Unity.  Exploring the place I made in Unity was really fun.  3D isn't that bad after all, though modeling is still more enjoyable.  We're going to be learning Zbrush next which...after watching the tutorials...still seem a little confusing....but I'm sure it will be fine after getting over the initial learning curve.

Some more editorial prompts

My professional practice class was given a couple of articles from Makeshift magazine to pick to illustrate.  Here are the pieces I did in response to "Purse Parties" and "Celebration"

Purse Party sketch:
Color Study:

Celebration sketch:

Color sketch:


Although my pieces didn't get chosen in the end to be published, I still had a lot of fun making these images and I do like my final pieces quite a bit!

Friday, March 22, 2013


I thought it was about time to write about the project I worked on at Gambit this past summer.   I was given the opportunity to intern for the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab as a lead game designer.  My team and I were tasked with designing an abstract simulation game using non-representational imagery in order to see if players could make the connection between the game mechanic and the source material.  You can play the game here.

Here are some of my poster designs.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

First 3D Objects!

I'm taking a Maya class this semester, just to learn basic 3D modeling.  Although I prefer drawing, I think learning Maya will be really useful.  I'll be able to draw things from any angle! If I can model it sufficiently.  And maybe I can make objects for my sims haha.  Modeling the (inorganic) objects wasn't too hard, but doing the UV mapping and texturing was super tedious and time consuming...

Big thanks to my friend Ebae for helping me troubleshoot and doing some lighting tricks to make the scene look pretty haha.

My favorite thing I made was this badly modeled pencil holder.  I like my desk too.

Aydan the Traveling Merchant

I'm taking Game Assets this semester to learn some 3D modeling in Maya, and our first assignment was to do some character and object turnarounds.

I thought up a story about a merchant family that made their living by traveling and trading along the silk road.  The main character is Aydan, a Turkish name meaning little fire.  She's the oldest in a family of five other siblings.  After her father dies, she takes up his business to support her aging mother and younger brothers and sisters.  I thought it would be sweet for her to carry a little strawberry tree with her to remind her of home.


Aydan's sloppy tent
Aydan traveling through Cappadocia

Friday, March 8, 2013


"Cute Times in Cute Land"
Silkscreen + Digital. 2013

I made this image for my contemporary illustration class on the theme of obsessions.  While it is pretty apparent that I really like cute things, I also have always loved scary stories and horror genres.  I decided to combine these two things I liked in one image.  I wanted subvert overly cute imagery and took a more sarcastic approach to it.  I am pretty happy and amused by the result!  Originally this was a silkscreen, but the colors weren't working as well so I finished it digitally.  Perhaps if I have time I will print this image in all silkscreen...