Friday, May 24, 2013

Bells and Whistles; Hot off the Press Preliminary Work

One of the last assignments for my contemporary illustration class!  Chris Buzelli's wife SooJin Buzelli (of Plansponsor magazine) even came in to give us feedback, which is always a great (and surreal) experience.

Since this was the week of my senior show I decided to be ambitious and made two images.  My body was not happy, but I'm glad that I got some good pieces out of it and found another way of working.

Bells and Whistles 
Originally, he was surrounded by whistling belles (I was in a punny mood)  and represented the perfect man....but I was advised to change the girls into animals instead haha. 

Hot off the Press - tanning booth edition

Hot off the (Bench) press

Hot off the press - cat pizza delivery guy edition

Color sketches:

(still not completely happy with color - will fix later)

Just for myself, I think I would like to bring all four into completion.  I've been doing more color studies digitally, just for time's sake.  The problem with that is mixing colors on the computer and mixing colors traditionally are two separate things...especially since colors look different depending on how the screen is tilted as well.  

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