Saturday, May 25, 2013

Urban Candy Group Project

Stuff from my final 3D group project: Urban Candy.  We worked in teams of 4 to create a basic game level environment with characters and buildings.  I was lucky to work with the talented Andre Wee (who did the final world design to help unify the look), Stacy Lee (who worked on characters), and Zoe Bae, who worked on the environment objects (and building the second version of the game world) with me.  Please excuse the poor lighting in some of these - I'm still working on that haha.  We also didn't get to use the pro version of Unity so there are also no cast shadows in this world.

Screenshots of the color version of the world that I organized:

And some shots of the things that I textured: 

These are the things I modeled + textured:

Hadephobia Take 2

Well this is it: the final assignment in my college undergraduate career!  Basically we redid a previous piece, and I was encouraged to redo my Hadephobia piece in my newer 'style' of execution.

Sketch and color study:


A great ending piece to my undergraduate career, I think :D

Bells and Whistles, Hot off the Press Final

Here are the final versions of the Bells and Whistles; Hot off the Press sketches:

'Special delivery' might be a better title

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out (for now...)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bells and Whistles; Hot off the Press Preliminary Work

One of the last assignments for my contemporary illustration class!  Chris Buzelli's wife SooJin Buzelli (of Plansponsor magazine) even came in to give us feedback, which is always a great (and surreal) experience.

Since this was the week of my senior show I decided to be ambitious and made two images.  My body was not happy, but I'm glad that I got some good pieces out of it and found another way of working.

Bells and Whistles 
Originally, he was surrounded by whistling belles (I was in a punny mood)  and represented the perfect man....but I was advised to change the girls into animals instead haha. 

Hot off the Press - tanning booth edition

Hot off the (Bench) press

Hot off the press - cat pizza delivery guy edition

Color sketches:

(still not completely happy with color - will fix later)

Just for myself, I think I would like to bring all four into completion.  I've been doing more color studies digitally, just for time's sake.  The problem with that is mixing colors on the computer and mixing colors traditionally are two separate things...especially since colors look different depending on how the screen is tilted as well.  

Business Card

Soooo I made some business cards for my senior show and I thought it would be nice to document it here!

(the cat is missing one of its legs because it's in the bleed it doesn't show up on the actual card haha)

Doodle Dump

Some doodles

This last one I want to make into a finished piece eventually!  I'm not sure if I want to paint it or make it into a print...(originally intended for a woodblock print)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Senior Show Poster

My senior show is next week on May 9th, and I will be showing my work alongside a bunch of super talented ladies.  I collaborated with my friend Stephanie Vecellio on our group's poster.  I did the art (which references things from everyone's work and little inside jokes) and Stephanie did the beautiful type.

Here are the process images and final design!

The cooking idea was the group favorite (we even changed the tentative title of our show for it).  

If you're around the area, please join us for the opening reception from 6 - 8pm!