Saturday, October 27, 2012

Catwalk pt 2

Here is the finished animation for my silkscreen experiment!

Catwalk from Yudi Chen on Vimeo.

Catwalk pt 1

I've always wanted to try making an animation using the process of screen printing - a combination of two of my favorite mediums.  For simplicity's (and sanity's) sake, I decided to animate a walk cycle.

I worked out the animation in flash, then traced each frame onto paper.  Next I made each drawing into a stencil to be exposed.  Printing and experimenting with color was the most enjoyable part of the process.

Afterwards, I scanned the prints and quickly composed it in After Effects.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow White Planning

The next fairy tale I am illustrating for my Reversed Gender Fairy Tale series is Snow White.

 Character and object design/study

Referencing Disney's evil queen...She looks quite lovely with long hair.

Referencing Disney's Snow White....and drawing her baby self.
Composition Studies

Final Sketches:

Color Study:

Color Keys

I love looking at color keys and I am very inspired by beautiful color and composition design.  I am really happy to be taking a storyboard/cinema class with Shanth Enjeti this semester.  Here are some of the more successful color and value keys I have done so far.

A Box to Hide In

An assignment to illustrate James Thurber's short story, "A Box to Hide in."  I really enjoy assignments that illicit fun and strange ideas.

Some fun imagery I played with while reading the story:




 An assignment to illustrate the short story "Ponies" by Kij Johnson.  I love the technique of cut paper and wanted to use this folksy, feminine medium to illustrate this story.  The piece did not come out as successfully as I wanted it to, but I really enjoyed making it.